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We offer complimentary consultations at El Clasico Tattoo. Come in and meet 1:1 with an available artist or your tattooer of choice. During the consultation your artist will listen to your ideas, and help translate them into a custom tattooable design that will last a lifetime. All artists at El Clasico are BBP certified and the shop is compliant with AB 300: Safe Body Art Act. Our workspace is safe and sterile so you get a clean tattoo and peace-of-mind every time. We also offer a private room and vegan-friendly options to suit your individual needs and comfort level. And please, be good to your tattoo and it will be good to you.

Aftercare is important:
• Remove bandage after 2 hrs of your new tattoo.
• Gently wash with warm water and anti-bacterial soap daily. Be soft and do not scrub.
• Pat dry gently with a clean cloth/towel.
• After you have washed and dried your new tattoo, apply unscented lotion or Ohana Organics Tattoo Butter. El Clasico is a proud supplier of Ohana’s vegan-based cream, the ultimate in organic aftercare.
• No swimming or soaking. Keep your tattoo out of sun, pool, bath and beach until fully healed.
• Wear soft and loose fitting clothing around your new tattoo.
• If it is a foot tattoo, go barefoot as much as possible. Avoid sandals as chaffing could damage your new tattoo.
• Do not pick at your tattoo while it is healing.
• Do not let anyone touch your new tattoo unless they have clean hands.

Vegan tattoos and private room optional. Ask about our aftercare instructions.

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